What is Rust Proofing Spray?

Five things you should know before you choose a rustproofing spray.

  • Do you have pre-existing rust?If so then you should avoid wax, paint and rubberized products. These products only trap moisture below the surface allowing oxidation to continue. Oil-based rustproofing will penetrate through the rust down to the good metal, displace moisture while removing oxygen. Take either of these out of the equation and oxidation cannot occur. 
  • Can 100% coverage be achieved ? Yes if you choose a product that is engineered to creep and migrate. It is most important in body cavities where rust begins as surfaces are unprotected and prone to hold moisture . A good product will give these areas maximum protection.
  • Should rustproofing spray have to drip? When a product is engineered properly dripping is kept away minimum. Always use a product engineered specifically for the application. Other products may have value but why not benefit from the engineering and research put into that product.
  • What’s the dry time for rustproofing spray? Oil-based rustproofing spray remained soft throughout its life. The benefit, self-healing, no chipping or cracking. Conventional undercoating should be cured within one week.
  • What rustproofing spray will approve the appearance of a rusty surface while protecting it? NHOU® Back N Black oil-based rustproofing spray was designed to improve the appearance of a rusty surface while offering the same protection as clear oil


Benefits of Rust Prevention Spray

  • Being proactive Saves money. Rust can cause serious safety issues costing consumers billions. Good Rustproof spray for autos ensures you tackle the problem before it becomes a big financial drain.
  • Maintains the maximum resale value. Rust damages your car, lowering its value. If you protect your car against rust, you will get a better offer because it looks good and runs smoothly.
  • Improves longevity. Cars eventually wear down over time. Keeping your rust-free is one way to make sure it gives you great service for a long time.
  • Reduces safety / accident possibilities. Anti-corrosion spray for cars ensures that all parts of your car are well-maintained and functioning properly. If every component works as it should, chances of mechanical or structural failure and accidents are minimized.

Rust Protection with NH Oil Undercoating® Rustproofing Spray


What is Rust Proofing Spray

Despite how far vehicles have come, one thing remains the same: cars & Trucks still rust. Trust your vehicle to the Leaders in Rustproofing, NH Oil Undercoating®


Best Oil to use for Undercoating

Rust Proofing  spray has never been more important because of the introduction to salt brine on the roads. The use of brines is known as anti-icing or pre-wetting measures.

Fortunately, you have options for protecting your vehicle. It is no longer acceptable to take a passive role when it comes to corrosion. To make matters even more complicated, road brins have the same melting characteristics of solid rock salt, but since it is applied in liquid form, the salt can begin to work immediately. The brins are also more effective at lower temperatures. Unfortunately, these products designed to save money and make our roads safe have a toxic effect on your vehicle’s undercarriage.
The toxic effect comes in the form of accelerated oxidation.

In a 2017 report, AAA estimates consumers spent over $3 billion per year on deicing liquid corrosion repairs. If you’d like to contribute as little as possible to that number, you need to think an act proactively.Rust Proofing Spray

Being proactive with corrosion will not only add residual value to your vehicle but will also protect you from mechanical structural failure. Not to mention your car’s appearance and safety inspections. Many states are under litigation by common carriers who claim the road brine is causing their vehicles to prematurely rust. Many carwashes are under regulatory pressures to recycle water, do you think they are removing these contaminants in that process?

NHOU is designed to slow down or inhibit corrosion on vehicles. It is a petroleum based product with rust inhibitors containing no solvents. In fact the NNOU is the best oil to use for undercoating as this product is not only environmentally safe, contains no toxins, is non-flammable, is non-reactive, is non-corrosive, can be sprayed in any weather, remains active.

Brine, which is used to pre-treat roads in the hope that snow will melt on contact, gets into cracks and crevices in which a chunk of rock salt can’t lodge. It’s both cheaper and more effective.

Vehicle Undercoating Rust Proofing Spray

The problem with today’s road brine is twofold. The toxic substance works at lower temperatures by design which makes it more efficient in keeping roads clear but has an adverse effect on metal surfaces that come in contact with it. Another contributing factor is the introduction to sticky additives design to make the product stay put on the roads. Unfortunately, when you drive over this sticky toxic substance it does not discriminate and sticks to the undercarriage of your vehicle. If the carwash recycles water and doesn’t remove the substance in the filtering process, you are now shooting that substance with high pressure into the body cavities of your vehicle!

There is a way you can fight back! NHOU has products and services designed to empower you to be proactive in your fight against corrosion.


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