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Facepay is much like Venmo, they offer the customer a secure, convenient, contactless payment option for $0 fees to the customer or our small business. It is an easy one time sign up and makes paying for your car repair bill easy. It is our new preferred method of payment.

To sign up for your account and pay all your bills via your Cell phone from secure a direct Bank to bank payment online, click here SIGN UP NOW for $10 off Your next Service

Commonly asked Questions:

  1. SAFETY – Your safety as a customer is our main concern. We are facilitating contactless across our shop for your safety. From the way we handle your cars to the way you pay at the counter.
  2. IS IT SECURE? – Facepay is set up on the blockchain which means it has the highest level of security like your banks. Your information or banking information is never seen or shared.
  3. WHY WOULD I SIGN UP FOR THIS? – Contactless is the new normal. Pay your bills without being in the shop and save your local businesses large merchant fees from credit card companies. One time sign up and so convenient!!
  4. HOW DO I SIGN UP? – You can setup your account here: https://l.facepay.io/l/3sq6qrr Takes ~2mins to sign up and it is a One- time sign up.
  5. WHAT DOES IT COST? – It costs the customer nothing to set up an account and helps our shop save money and offers our customers ultimate convenience to pay their bill via their cell phone.
For more information on Facepay, visit here: www.facepay.io