Janet Bloskey

Janet is the office manager who keeps our books, and our heads, on straight. Janet is a mother of four beautiful and nearly grown children and manages the paperwork for her husband’s accounting practice along with ours. Her background includes working as a physical therapist and supervisor for Moss Rehab in Philadelphia before the children came along and she made raising them her highest priority.


TJ Mayberry

TJ is our Service Advisor at the Station. His goal is to give you optimum customer service and keep you informed before, during, and after your car repairs. A local guy who graduated from Pennridge High School, we won’t say how long ago, is a great part of our team. In addition to working at the shop, TJ is a dirt track racer and has a clothing design company that promotes dirt track racing.


Stephen Plaster

Stephen is our Auto Technician who will be keeping your cars running smoothly. He has several years of experience and truly completes our shop. He and his wife live in Telford and look forward to doing the big life things like buying a house, starting a family, and living each day to the fullest.