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I'm writing this for my 62 year old mother who does not have a computer. She took her car in the night before her APPOINTMENT with this service station and left it there for them to work on. While she did not tell them she needed it by the end of their work day most people believe when they have an appointment for their car it will be done by the end of their service hours OR at least you’ll get a call about your car. It was about 4pm the day of her appointment (they closed at 5:30pm this day) and no one had called her yet about her car. I told her to call them because clearly they were never going to call her. She calls and Josh isn’t very helpful so she asks if Jarred (the mechanic) is there so she can get a straight answer. Josh says yes and gets a better explanation but what it all means is they still hadn’t done much of anything with her car but read the code (which you could get done for free at auto zone). They say they will run more tests and give her a call back. About 4:45-5pm comes around and still no call back, I once again have HER call THEM and they had ran another test but don’t know exactly what part she needs and certainly won’t get anything done by the end of this work day. So we pick her car up and pay 131$ for “tests” but no actual answers, with the instructions to take up yet another one of her days for them to work on it. Now I want to be clear that the issue is that no one called her to keep her posted on her car & they couldn’t even be bothered to get to her car within the day she had an appointment. I asked them about putting a note in her file to get to her car before the end of the day next time and they told me they couldn’t and that they don’t do that. I said well you should think about doing that for when customers complain, and then I was informed that customers never complain to them. (wow, my mom is the 1st a privilege.) I use to work in a repair shop and we always kept notes on customers so we could improve our service. But I guess Michalak Service Station is so superior that we should all model our business’s after them, make appointments with people and then totally blow them off! It’s one thing to know what needs to be replaced and just not be able to get the part, it’s another to wait until the last 30 minutes of your work day and still not know what the issue is when you had the car all day AND THAT car had an APPOINTMENT.


Have been taking our family cars there for about 5 years. Great people to work with. Very nice and tell me everything I need to know about my cars. Our family has 4.They are not good about having your car done in one day unless you ask.


Awesome Its hard to find honest loyal garages but michalaks is it

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